Cyberbullying: Online harassment and a major issue

With the advancement of technology, human life has become more comfortable. Nowadays anyone from a remote region can connect to the other person anywhere residing in the world with network resources. With such significant accomplishment, there is also some disadvantage. Cyberbullying is on rising and have become a fair portion of reason in cases of depression.

Cyberbullying can be referred to as writing explict, sexual, racial or body shaming remarks on someone’s virtual profile. Sending extremist comments in someone’s inbox can upset them.  Cyberbullying can also lead to some serious issues such as religion or ethnic tension between a group of people.

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When we talk about cyberbullying, in simple words it’s online harassment or causing harm to a person by misusing information technology.  It might be through posting adverse words or rumours about someone else on the web or social network, which is proposed to humiliate or embarrass them publicly. With the expanding utilization of Internet services and portable devices, cyberbullying has frequently occurred, particularly among youngsters.

It includes communication that needs to control, disturb, defame, manipulate or defame an individual. Exercises are frequently purposely and unfriendly, which are intended to tarnish the reputation of someone else. These activities are done on the public forum, social media or other online information sites. A cyber-crook can be a known person or an unknown person.

Today, a lot of people between the ages of 12 to 18 years invest more energy in long range interpersonal communication sites like Twitter, Facebook and much more. There are numerous threats related to these sites, of which cyberbullying is the most well-known and comprehensive.

Cyber-crooks often post offensive videos and photos,  misinformation, or reveal the mystery about the target on these destinations so as to ruin it. Cyberbullying activities are harmful to the point that sometimes it forces the unfortunate victim to commit suicide. Because of degradation or misbehaviour on the web, numerous such cases have developed in which teenagers submit suicides.

Youth today are utilizing the Internet like never before. They see the web and considerably cell phones as the positive parts of our society. Mobile phone and internet network are the two biggest frameworks of communication that assume an essential job in the development of our everyday exercises and personalities.

Then again, these equivalent procedures are frequently utilized contrarily. Numerous children have been the target of bullying through the Internet or cell phones, bringing about complete confusion from “target”. Generally, youngsters don’t understand that what they are going through is a type of bullying.

Methods used for Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is not that difficult but can be simple as the individuals who keep on sending instant messages or an email, distract somebody who said that they don’t need any more contact with the sender.

It might incorporate open activities, for example, sexual comments, repeated threats, hate speech or false allegations, making a subject of ridicule in the online discussions, ganging on somebody, hacking the website and posting false allegation and criticizing someone.

Cyberbullying can be restricted to persuading an individual to post rumours on the Internet, to spread hate in others’ way of thinking or to dislike others or to take an interest in the online activities of the target. It can go independently to the degree of identifying casualties of crime and distributing the materials that are humiliated or defamed.

  1. Social Media: Cyberbullying can be done with the help of social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. “By 2008, 93% of youngsters who were aged between 12 to 17 were on the social networking sites. The fact is that youngsters invest more energy with social media than any other activities else sleeping.” The recent decade saw a major stream of cyber communication, harassing that is through the electronic medium, for example, social media, instant messaging, e-mails, digital messages or online gaming or pictures sent on mobile phones.
  2. Gaming: The individuals who experienced cyberbullying in the Research survey, 16% of them said that the latest occurrence was in playing an online game. An investigation of University found that youngsters who were involved in playing violent computer games were having a lot of experience regarding cyberbullying as they used to face this on a regular basis.
  3. Search Engines: Information cascades used to happen when clients start to pass the information which they think to be valid, yet can’t be true, in view of the report of what others are doing. It may be accelerated by the ranking techniques of search engines and their ability to return applicable outcomes for the previous interest of the user. It is hard to restrict spreading such information. The Cascades of information via online networking and the Internet can also be harmless and may contain precise details.


Here we will discuss some of the methods to prevent cyberbullying either you or someone else. Here are a few hints to protect yourself from cyberbullying and keep others away from threatening:

  • Try not to share your photographs, passwords, or information, (for example, a location or telephone number) online, even with companions.
  • Before posting, think twice. In a case that you are angry, upset, or unhappy, sit tight for the post or reaction. Give yourself some an opportunity to chill off, so you don’t do whatever you can not reclaim.
  • Never uncover anything freely that you are not happy with anybody. Keep in mind when you share something online, it tends to be imparted to anybody, including your folks and instructors.
  • When you remark about another person, suppose somebody enlightens you regarding how you would feel.

What if it happens to you?

In a case that you are felling to be cyberbullied, this is what you can do:

  • Tell your known ones or some other trusted grown-up. Trust it or not, they can help you out. You don’t need to do only it!
  • Try to store or save all the posts, messages, emails, screenshots and others. Except if you have a duplicate copy of that, don’t erase it. Print them or save them on smartphone or PC.
  • Share the same with an individual at your school – an educator, coach, counsellor or principal.
  • Report the comments/messages of harassment, fake profiles or improper photos. There are approaches to report harassment content via web-based networking media locales. You have the directly to feel safe in these spots.
Cyberbullying Facts & Figure

Cyberbullying activities are harmful to the point that sometimes it forces the unfortunate victim to commit suicide.

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What are the Effects of Cyberbullying?

  • As per us, cyberbullying can be termed as a devil of the internet. The casualties of cyberbullying can be discouraged and can submit suicide even in extreme cases. So we can understand that the web is unknown and unsafe to most of the people, in the fact that they don’t think about the Internet, they can “hurt them”.
  • Cyberbullying has many adverse consequences for people or a group of individuals. Generally, it begins with the sentiment of confusion with respect to the person in question, feels hurt in light of the fact that an individual or a group of individuals has a target on them and insulted them for some other reason with no reason. Most used to ask as to why they are targeted, yet the fact is that cyberbullies even don’t know why.
  • They gradually get sentiments of fear or depression, fear of leaving their home or fear of going to class. In a case that the victim is always being threatened, its grades can fall or can show the sign of paranoia, which will make it difficult for him to speak with individuals of his age or make new friends.
  • Depression might be one of the side effects of cyberbullying, and we are telling them symptoms since it appears that cyberbullying is currently an “illness” for our society.

The helplessness happens when the unfortunate victim does not know where to turn for help. The facts demonstrate that in extreme cases of steady bullying, suicide might be an end of the story. Cyberbullying must be stopped however the question still exists, would we be able to be stopped?

Cyberbullying in Schools

  • There has been an issue of cyberbullying in schools since the majority of us can recall since the latest technology has taken another hurdle to propel bullying.
  • Nowadays, youngsters have such huge numbers of ways that they utilize each other to threaten one another.
  • Commonly bullying has occurred on all the news in the last couple of years, and for a valid reason; To pursue technologies, and such type of pain is steadily expanding.
  • As an ever-increasing number of youngsters are being influenced by cyberbullying, psychologists can more readily see how cyberbullying is very different from conventional schoolyard teasing.
  • The absence of personal and face to face interaction that gives technology makes it easy for kids to go beyond the lines from teasing to cyberbullying.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics records cyberbullying as “the most widely recognized online threats for all teenagers”.
  • In contrast to conventional harassing, a cyberbullying might be totally mysterious. The victim individual feels progressively powerless on the grounds that they don’t have any idea about the source of attacks.
  • Technology additionally makes the sources of assaults practically unthinkable. Before the victim could know the bully, the information could spread to the whole world.
  • Anonymity similarly helps to overcome the power imbalance with the goal that no one can do the bullying. This can be an unending cycle of bullying that harms every one of the people in victims.

So what can be done about this?

  • Nobody appears to realize who is in charge of dealing with this issue: school, parents or police. In the event that there is no law to stop such digital harassment, the police can’t do much in that.
  • Governments are currently considering a bill went for controlling digital harassing; This bill will help in making digital communication intended to intimidate, coerce or harass a government crime, which is a positive development.
  • States have laws already intimidating, but not many rules have the purpose of blocking electronic harassment. Legally, schools did not have the jurisdiction to punish students for bullying off the school grounds or outside the school hours.

Although, the courts have begun supporting the standards in their choice to punish students who have harassed others online. Bernard James, the researcher of an educational law at Pepperdine University, said that the principals are the authority as well as the duty to save understudies from such harassers: Educators have the obligations to keep up secured schools.


There is no uncertainty that the world is presently living in terms of quickly developing technologies. As the technical outlets are expanding in volume, it tends to be accepted that digital harassment will similarly turn out to be prominent. Little steps have been taken to determine this issue, yet there is still a ton to be done to manage this developing pandemic.

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