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King’s College London is the 4 th oldest institution based in England. This institution was founded in the year 1829 by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington and King George IV. It is a public research university with over five campuses:

  • One in south London.
  • Strand Campus in central London
  • Three campuses on the riverside of Thames

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No interest: After some time, the subject starts appearing boring to the students as a result, they fail to draft the assignment with the required efficiency.

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King’s College London courses and modules which are covered within our UK assignment help service such as:

  • 6YYD0008 Business management in emerging economies Assignment Help
  • 7YYD0028 Advanced Qualitative Methods Assignment Help
  • 6YYD0011 Comparative Public Policy Analysis Assignment Help
  • 6YYD0016 Advanced topics in Development Economics Assignment Help
  • 5YYD0018 Development Theory Assignment Help
  • 7YYD0006 Dissertation and Research Methods Assignment Help
  • 6YYD0001 Dissertation: International Development Assignment Help
  • 6YYD0017 Econometrics Assignment Help
  • 4YYD0003 Economic Analysis of Emerging Economies Assignment Help
  • 7YYD0030 Education and Development Assignment Help
  • 6YYD0018 Forensic Economics Assignment Help
  • 5YYD0017 Macroeconomics for Development Assignment Help
  • 6YYD0004 National Development Strategies Assignment Help
  • 6YYD0013 Project Management Essentials Assignment Help
  • 6YYD0019 Project Management for International Development Assignment Help
  • The 7YYD0002 States, Markets and the Institutional Basis of Growth Assignment Help
  • 7SSHM505 Ageing in a Global Context Assignment Help
  • 7SSHM605 Critical Global Health Assignment Help
  • 7SSHM507 Data Manipulation and Management Assignment Help
  • 7SSHM609 Genomics and Society Assignment Help
  • 7SSHM606 Global Health Ethics Assignment Help
  • 5SSHM001 Key Concepts in Global Health Assignment Help


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