Marketing Mix

What is Marketing Mix?

Whenever someone asks any individual about marketing, the first term that used to come in their mind is  “Marketing Mix”. Basically, it’s a foundation model for any organization that helps in making strategies for the market.

While shaping a reasonable proposition for potential clients, marketing choices made by an organization can be composed into four categories. These are products, prices, places, and promotions.

The main importance of those four is to make the correct product, selling it at the correct price and in the correct place, with the utilization of the most effective promotion whichever is possible.

At the point when a specific product is carried it into the market, at that point, the companies need to settle on decisions identified with the product which will at last influence the adequacy of a picked strategy.

In this image you can see the process flow of marketing mix

Four/4P is the type of parameter that is under the control of the market. “The objective is to decide on qualities that put the  4P of clients in the target market at the middle to make perceived value and produce positive input”. Mention below in an image which will make it easy for you to understand: 

4Ps of Marketing Mix

4P of Marketing Mix was created by E. Jerome McCarthy in the year 1960, he was a marketing expert. And this was accepted by the global business. 4P act as an enhancement for the components of the Marketing Mix that you are composing for the new services or product.  It consists of four components: Product Price Place Promotion.


  • Product in 4P of Marketing Mix is basically an item, which is used manufactured or created by any organization.
  • This can be in both intangible and tangible form. The intangible form consists of all the services that are made by any business and tangible services consist of goods that are manufactured by any organization.
  • For any organization, products created must be in demand in the market to make it a successful product. Extensive research is required in case of the life cycle of any product for the product development phase.
  • The lifecycle of any product will include the phase of growth rate, phase of sales decline and the maturity phase. So before writing about the product of any organization, you must thoroughly analyze the target market, growth and declining phase of the goods or service of any organization.
  • When we are writing product mix, you should know that in product mix, product strategies and product offers are incorporated. This is viewed as the core of the marketing mix procedure. This incorporates packaging, product highlights, bundling, after-deals benefit, organization image, price and so on.
  • The primary reason for this component is to deliver value to consumers. For example, Coffee of Starbucks, McDonald’s Hamburger and Coca Cola Company’s Coke are a global product and are very known by the consumer throughout the world.


  • Price in the 4P of Marketing Mix is basically a value that any consumer will pay for enjoying or utilizing your services or goods.
  • Price plays a very important role as a component of the Marketing Mix.
  • The survival and the profit of any organization are defined by price. When you are writing about price, be sure you have gone into the details of price adjustment of any organization.
  • While writing about the price, it is essential to know about the Market Penetration Price, Market Skimming Price, and Neutral Price.
  • You must be knowing about the cost of production, the value of the product perceived by the consumers.
  • You must be knowing whether the small inclination of declination in the price of the product will have an impact on the market share or not.
  • Price is nothing but a value that the organization used to take for that product. This component is also adaptable compared with different components of the marketing mix.
  • Depending on the demand and supply trend, companies can increment or decline the value of their products.
  • Value is an essential component since it sets the aggregate income for the business by multiplying the sold units.
  • Both fixed and variable cost is covered by the pricing strategy. Addressing the necessities and requirements of customers is all about selling products for which the consumers are prepared to pay.
  • Value is an essential element of the advertising combination for two reasons.
  • Above all else, you don’t need the price of the product that much that clients are not ready to pay for it; And, you would prefer not to move your that much low, therefore bringing down your profit, supporting the product by moving at a lower price than the market.
  • Altering the price of the product relies upon the apparent value of the product.
  • To decide the apparent value of the product instead of the genuine estimation of the product, leading statistical surveying and test deals will enable you to set a sensible price point.


  • Promotion in the 4P of Marketing Mix consists of promoting a product of any organization. It serves as a vital component of marketing as it is used to boost the brand value and recognition among the people.
  • Before you write anything about the promotion of any organization, you should have knowledge of public relation, sales promotion, sales organization, and advertising. Sometimes organization use techniques like word of mouth.
  • The promotional advertising is the part of the marketing mix, on which most agents focus; However, this should come after price and product in your methodology of marketing.
  • Promotions are identified with specialized techniques that you use to associate with your potential clients.
  • From publicizing to media relations and sales promotion, these instruments enable you to brand the organization and its services and products while attempting to expand sales.


  • Place in the 4P of Marketing Mix is basically, a product or service distribution or placement, and it is an essential part of the marketing mix.
  • While writing about the place, you should be having a deep understanding of the target market of that organization.
  • The place should always be accessible for the consumers for the positioning and distribution of the products.
  • You must be knowing about where exactly the client is looking for the products of the organization. The kind of shops or stores that consumers are looking to visit. Whether the organization needs strong salesforce, or they need to sell online or not.
  • The place is the last segment of the 4p of the marketing mix. It strategically refers to keeping the product in such a place, where purchasers can without easily reach. In this way, the place is firmly identified with distribution.
  • An organization that is equipped for distributing its products with a certain goal in mind, their overall revenue might be bound to increase.
  • As the innovation develops, the place is getting to be “virtual” instead of since organizations can sell products to nearly anybody on the planet.

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7P of Marketing Mix

Marketing is a continuous developing discipline and it might be that organizations leave themselves the behind the challenge in a case that they are still standing for a long time. A case of this development is the essential change in the fundamental marketing mix. While there were 4P to clarify the mix once, these days it is generally acknowledged that an increasingly created 7P marketing mixes an extra fundamental layer of depth for the mix and is moving further with a few scholars.

7P of a Marketing Mix is a set of the recognized strategy of the market, which you can use in any combination for satisfying the clients in their target market. 7P is manageable, however subject to your external and internal environment of the market. A combination of this different kind of marketing tips is known as a strategic marketing mix’ to address the needs and wants of its clients.


This model was proposed by Robert F. Lauterborn in the year 1990. This model is oriented more towards consumer that tries to fir the movement towards niche marketing from mass marketing.

It contains four components i.e: Consumer Value, Cost, Convenience, and Communication. You will understand this more by going through the figure below:

The marketing mix is a strong model that has been well known and noticeable in the marketing practice and literature since the 1950s. It considers the different forces from the environment that run the market to deliver different mixes in marketing methodologies. The behavior of business, consumer, competitors, and the government makes these essential forces.

This is a basic and clear perception in which ideas can be visualized through the graphs of mix elements. After the mix, marketing tasks in any company are separated from different exercises and given significance; They are also given over to the specialists. Marketers are educated about the way that the interrelationships between every P demonstrate that one focused effort can run an exchange for another.

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